Monday, December 17, 2007


Despite effort by investors to retrieve their capital from Sefteg Nigeria Ltd due to it’s present financial condition caused by pressure mounted on them by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) they have finally closed their office.
After having conversations with there staff, information gathered is that some soldiers that invested with them came to harass them at the office on Oyin Jolayemi Street,Victoria Island due to lack of payment of overdue ROI.
I also gathered that the office will be opened in January but if there will payment of ROI or refund is yet to be confirmed. Their website has been upgraded to a more colorful one and I am of the supposition that they want to start a 100% online business since registration form can now be downloaded online.This is an unconfirmed hypothesis. Visit for further confirmation but note that all the telephone numbers on their website are not working at the moment.


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