Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Automated Trading Robot are generally designed to trade daily when market opens. A day trading robot trades 24HRS daily making use of trading algorithms designed by top ranked traders and forex manager. Automatic forex is the ability to trade forex with this trading robot without humans to physically trade a forex system. This Robotic system started not long ago but its much debated for reliability.
It trades and manages your account without human interference, as such you don’t have to trade physically in the system which will not improve your performance
it can trade anytime both day and night when an average person might be sleeping, that is 24HRS a day.
In most cases, they are designed to trade currencies(major) pairs on short term basis each day.
It uses highly advance trading algorithms which is unaffected by traders psychology which can sometimes cause a system not to be traded properly
It’s a way to diversify your time to other investment like stock, bonds, mutual funds and real estate.
NOTE: You are aware, with either active trading or automated trading, that you must monitor the performance to see that the system is still working as well as its past performance.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Due to the present success of Getaway club internationally, there is spasm email been circulated to member by fraudster thereby requesting member to enter their details and password. All getaway Club member are herby warned to avoid giving relevant information to spoof email circulation.
The only valid domain name for Getaway Club is so in case you see a similar domain name with dot com or dot org, be careful so as not to be a victim.
Always endevour to check the domain name before entering your information.
Dear members,
Your account has been randomly flagged in our system as a part of our routine security measures. This is a must to ensure that only you have access and use of your Getaway Club and to ensure a safe Getaway Club experience. We require all flagged accounts to verify their information on file with us. This is the right link for update account page after you verify your information, your account shall be returned to good standing and you will continue to have full use of your account. Please note that if you don't verify your ownership of account in 2 x 24 hours we will block/ suspend your Getaway Club.

Getaway Club
12th Floor, Ruttonjee House
11 Duddell Street
Central Hong Kong
Note that if you have entered any of your information’s like password into any unauthorized Getaway Club website, endeavour to change it now.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Wealth Solution Ltd, a company ruptured with many controversies over the past few months due to irregularities in their week. This issue became so bad that investors started storming the office in Lagos to the extent that it had to be closed down the office after several attempt to keep the office funtional with police effort. Many of the investors of Wealth Solution have already lost hope with intentions that, it is wonder bank gone broke. We hope that the Managing Director, Wealth Solutions Limited, Mr. Bayo Oyediran won't disappoint investors this time.
Today, Wealth Solution has commenced payment for the long awaited week 19 after months of non payment to investors. I believe they are finally able to keep there word as regards August 27, 2007.The payment is 50% of payoff expected by investor as they earlier stated.
Information gathered from reliable source is that the office in Lagos will not be re-opened but payment will be made from the Wealth Solution office in Ibadan,Oyo State(Head Office) to avoid the delay in transfer of fund.
Now,week 19 investors have a reason to smile for the long overdue payoff....Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

Friday, August 24, 2007



Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Luke'
Luke: Welcome to the FX Solutions on line chat service. How may I assist you?
adeniyi adeonojobi: i am a nigerian interested in fxsol but i cant find my country listed among the countries
Luke: yeah, unfortunately we are no longer accepting applications from Nigeria
Luke: I apologize for the inconvenience
adeniyi adeonojobi: may i know the reason please
Luke: FX Solutions, to help protect the citizens of Nigeria from fraudulent schemes, will no longer be accepting account applications from Nigeria. FX Solutions is taking this action as the company has noticed a rapid increase in instances of fraud that promise unrealistic expectations in foreign exchange trading, while specifically targeting Nigerian citizens. Nigerian citizens should be aware that there are risks associated with all trading, and there is no methodology that can eliminate risk or guarantee perfomance.
adeniyi adeonojobi: i am aware of this risk and i have undergone proper tutorials prior to now
Luke: I am very sorry Adeniyi
Luke: I wish there was something I could do for you
adeniyi adeonojobi: i await your response,how do i go about registering for forex trading since its due to my being cautious that i have opted to trade in a reputable institution like yours to avert being a victim of forex scams
Luke: please may I have your email address?
adeniyi adeonojobi:
Luke: ok I will send you some more information ok sir?
adeniyi adeonojobi: thanks
Luke: sorry once again for the unfortunate news
adeniyi adeonojobi: i hold nothing against must be a new policy of your company
Luke: it is, as of about 2 weeks ago
adeniyi adeonojobi: when will this issue be resolved so i can trade with fxsol
Luke: as of right now I was told it is a permanent decision
adeniyi adeonojobi: thanks for the information
Luke: I learned a little from my Nigerian customers, o dabo
adeniyi adeonojobi: o dabo too then and i hope one day you will get to know that the average Nigerian citizen is a very transparent person and will never partake in fraud.Have a nice day
Luke: thank you Adeniyi
adeniyi adeonojobi: its just unfortunate that your companies perspective of my country is negative but you should be aware that i come from a very noble country and i am proud to be a Nigerian
Luke: I would be as well, Olorun ama ran e lowo
Luke: FX Solutions would like to thank you for your time. Good-bye.


Dear Adeniyi,

I'm sorry for the unfortunate news aburo mi. I will do everything I can to help you. Take a look at the following links:
"Ki iburuburu ko ma ku enikan mo ni, eni ti yio ku ni a o mo ti yio ku ni a o mo"
Hopefully this is of assitance to you.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any additional questions or concerns that you may have. It will be my pleasure to assist you in any way that I can.
I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
Have a great day!!!

Luke Dworaczyk
FX Solutions LLC

Saddle River Executive Center
One Rt. 17 South,
Suite 260 Saddle River,
NJ 07458
Telephone: 201-345-2210 Ext. 12245
Toll Free: 1-800-969-8365 Ext.12245

FAX: (201) 345-2211



Dear Trader,
Thank you for registering for a practice account. However, FX Solutions, in an effort to help protect the citizens of Nigeria from fraudulent schemes, is no longer accepting live trading account applications from Nigeria.
FX Solutions is taking this action as the company has noticed a rapid increase in instances of fraud that promise unrealistic expectations in foreign exchange trading, while specifically targeting Nigerian citizens. Nigerian citizens should be aware that there are risks associated with all trading, and there is no methodology that can eliminate risk or guarantee performance.
If you are still interested in trading foreign exchange, please consider opening a practice account with another broker.
FX Solutions

Thursday, August 23, 2007


It has become apparent that wonder bank investors should be aware of the list of Stockbrokers approved by SEC .Below are the names and links to the stockbrokers and fund managers.

Adonai Stockbrokers Limited
Afrinvest West Africa(formerly Sectrust)
Ail Securities Limited
Alliance Capital Management Company Limited
Amyn Investments Limited
Anchoria Investment and Securities Limited
APT Securities & Funds Limited
Belfry Investment and Securities Limited
Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited
BGL Securities Limited
Calyx Securities Limited
Camry Securities Limited
Capital Express Securities Limited
Capital Assets Limited
Capital Bancorp Limited
Capital Trust Brokers Limited
Cashcraft Asset Management Limited
Cashville Investment & Securities Limited
Century Securities Limited
City-Code Trust Limited
Clearview Investment Company Limited
Consolidated Investments Limited
Core Trust and Investment Limited
Crossworld Securities Limited
CSL Stockbrokers Limited
Davandy Finance & Securities Limited
De-Canon Investment Limited
Delords Securities Limited
Denham Management Limited
Dependable Securities Limited
Dominion Trust Limited
Dynamic Portfolio Limited
Empire Securities Limited
ESL Securities Limited
Eurocomm Securities Limited
F & C Securities Limited
FSDH Securities Limited(formerly Counters Trust)
Falcon Securities Limited
Fidelity Union Securities Limited
First Stockbrokers Limited
FIS Securities Limited
Fittco Securities Limited
Foresight Securities & Investment Limited
Forte Asset Management Limited
Forthright Securities & Investments Limited
Fountain Securities Limited
Future View Securities Limited
Greenwich Trust Limited
GTI Capital Limited
Heartbeat Investments Limited
Horizon Stockbrokers Limited
IBTC Asset Management Limited
ICMG Securities Limited
Icon Stockbrokers Limited
Independent Securities Limited
Intercontinental Securities Limited
International Standard Securities Limited
LB Securities Limited
Lead Capital Limited
Lighthouse Asset Management Limited
Magnartis Finance and Investment Limited
Maninvest Asset Management Limited
Marina Securities Limited
Maxifund Investments & Securities Limited
Mayfield Investments Limited
MBC Securities Limited
Mega Equities Limited
Meristem Securities Limited(formerly Great Africa Securities)
Mission Securities Limited
Mountain Investments and Securities Ltd
Mutual Alliance Investments and Securities Limited
Newdevco Finance Services Co. Limited
Nigerian Stockbrokers Limited
Omas Investments & Trust Company Limited
Options Securities Limited
Partnership Investment Company Limited
Pilot Securities Limited (Pilot Finance)
PIPC Securities Limited
Pivot Trust and Investment Company Limited
Professional Stockbrokers Limited
Profund Securities Limited
Prominent Securities Limited
PSI Securities Limited
Reward Investments and Services Limited
Rostrum Investment & Securities Limited
SanTrust Securities Ltd
Securities Solutions Limited
Security Swaps Limited
Shalom Investment & Securities Transactions Limited
Signet Investments & Securities Limited
Solid-Rock Securities & Investment Limited
Springboard Trust & Investment Limited
Stanwal Securities Limited
Strategy & Arbitrage Limited
Summa Guaranty & Trust Co. Plc
Summit Finance Company Limited
Tiddo Securities Limited
Topmost Finance and Investments Limited
TransAfrica Financial Services Limited(formerly Trust & Financial Services Limited)
Trusthouse Investments Limited
Trust Yields Securities Limited
TRW Stockbrokers Limited
Union Capital Markets Limited
Valmon Securities Limited
Valueline Securities & Investments Limited
Vetiva Capital Management Limited
Wizetrade Capital & Asset Management Limited
Yobe Investment Company Limited
Zenith Securities Ltd
A.A.A. Stockbrokers Limited
Adamawa Securities Limited
Allbond Investments Limited
Altrade Securities Limited
Apex Securities Limited
Asset Plus Securities Limited
Beachgrove Securities & Investments Co. Limited
Beaver Securities Limited,
Bestlink Investment Limited
BFCL Assets & Securities Limited
BIC Securities Limited
BSD Securities Limited
Centre-Point Investments Limited
Colvia Securities Limited
Cooper Fleming Stockbrokers Limited
Crane Securities Limited
Dakal Services Limited
DBSL Securities Limited
Emi Capital Resources Limited
Enterprise Stockbrokers Plc
Epic Investment Trust Limited
Equator Finance & Securities Limited
Excel Securities Limited
Express Portfolio Services Limited
Fidelity Finance Company Limited
Financial Trust Company Nigeria Limited
Finmal Finance Company Limited
First Atlantic Securities Limited
First Equity Securities Limited
Floodgate Finance & Securities Limited
Folu Securities Limited
General Securities & Finance Company Limited
Genesis Securities And Investment Limited
Gidauniya Investment & Securities Limited
Global Asset Management (Nig.) Limited
Golden Securities Limited
Hamilton Hammer & Company Limited
Heritage Investment & Securities Limited
Hillcrest Securities Limited
IB Finance & Securities Limited
IBN Securities Limited
Integrated Trust and Investments Limited
Intermediate Capital Group Limited
International Capital Securities Limited
Interstate Securities Limited
Investors & Trust Company Limited
Jamkol Investments Limited
Kinley Securities Limited
Kundila Finance Services Limited
Laksworth Investments & Securities Limited
LMB Stockbrokers Limited
Lombard Securities Limited
Lynac Securities Limited
M. L. Securities Limited
MACLAIZE Trust & Securities Co. Ltd
Mainland Trust Limited
Marriot Securities & Investment Co. Limited
Mercov Securities Limited
Midas Stockbrokers Limited
Midlands Investment & Trust Co. Limited
Molten Trust Limited
Monument Securities and Finance Limited
Networth Securities & Finance Limited
Niche Securities Limited
Nigerian International Securities Limited


It is now becoming obvious that online HYIP(High Yield Investment Program)/MLM(Multi Level Marketing ) is the safest place to invest for HYIPer's since the CBN(Central Bank Of Nigeria) and SEC (Securities Exchange Commission)have decided to clamp down on the activities of Wonder Banks.
It’s apparent to investors that the wonder banks are finding it more difficult to give ROI(Returns on Investment) and the ones that give return can’t meet up with the initially agreed returns on investment.
Companies like Treasureline, Pennywise and Nospecto( biggest Wonder bank in Nigeria) have folded up directly or indirectly while companies like Sefteg still honor their agreement but the return comes latter than expected which is obviously better than none. Wealthzone is refunding initial deposit to investor.
The new wave of investment that is getting more popular among Nigerians HYIPer's is MLM such as Getaway Club, Canadian Cash Diamond which is good to get in now since the boards are not much so people tend to cycle out faster but MLM like Club Freedom is getting saturated since everybody have bought into the idea and it becomes more difficult to cycle out.Finding new members become more difficult and the boards are too big so it takes longer time to cycle out but in Getaway Club you only need to refer two people once and for all.
This shift in focus by investors has caused a boom in the EGold Exchangers market for reputable ones, when a lot are fraudulent in nature so please be careful when buying EGold online because there is nothing like the two parties been present at the point of exchange.
Another wave is the Forex wave which has been in existence for a long time but the inability of the wonder banks to perform has made people shift focus in this direction with Damadsuites community popping up and website like forex breeze getting more popular.
Based on research into HYIP, the best investment is FOREX and it’s the worst because with lack of experience you tend to lose your money easily. All information given in this article are open to research and verification by individual investor….by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

Monday, August 20, 2007


As the days goes by, its getting more apparent that wonder banks like Nospecto Oil and Gas can’t escape the wrath of the law when Mr Musa Al-Faki (Director General of SEC) has decided to keep a keen eye on wonder banks and some stockbrokers including registrar firms.
Nospecto Oil & Gas was sourcing capital from investors without approval by SEC but even apart from these, it seems as if the business operation of the firm is no longer functional as investors are not being paid when due and false promises are given every time you visit there office also bearing in mind that their phone numbers are unavailable (a norm with wonder banks).
A joint effort is under way between SEC and EFCC to prosecute them but they informed investors in time past that they were scrutinized by EFCC on several occasions.
It has also been noted that senior officers of Nospecto Oil & Gas are no longer coming to work and divestment has been suspended till further notice. For full details, click this link to read the complete story in Vanguard Newspaper

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is an Ilorin(Kwara State, Nigeria) based wonder bank which claims it deals in Agricultural Produce, Solid Minerals, Real Estate, Property Development, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas and Fund Management. The normal procedure is that upon investing, you will get your wealth pay (Payoff) after 4 operational weeks. The company has a package called wealth creation and empowerment scheme "WCES".
It is this WCES packages which the customers invest an amount of money in what is called wealth units and get a specific return on investment which they defined as wealth pay. At the moment business doesn’t seem to be as usual since the company has decided to return investors capital when they are supposed to give back to investors above 200% Wealth pay. It is advisable for new investors to wait till all issue are resolved before investing since a text message was sent to investors that they are refunding initial capital(Wealth Units) for week 17 and 18 at the moment and they are presently in week 17.Is this wonder bank collapsing?


This is a bank that has brought joy to the heart of many investors but it has also caused tear to many. One begins to ponder if the existence of this bank is a merit or demerit to the growth of this country.
For investors who make a fortune from this institution, the norm is to know when to invest and when to cash out. In most cases, its always very easy to invest but when you want to divest, it becomes a problem like in the case of Nospecto Oil and Gas who have stopped divestment for the next two months based on a post on their notice board but the post wasn’t dated so when is the two months in question
Wonder Banks like Silver Trust have folded up carting away Million of naira of hard earned cash of Nigerian which tarnishes the image of wonder banks generally. I believe that not all wonder banks have bad intention on inception but in the case of Wealth Solution; it’s a disgrace to the wonder bank institution because they seem not to know the definition of an agreement and their operational week is the most unspecific. Wealth Solution have reduced their Payoff, using the pressure of CBN & SEC as excuse while some of the others in the same boat still retain there Payoff, then one begin to wonder if this was there agenda from the beginning. They give excuses for closing their office in Lagos due to there inability to Payoff their investors but we have to ask ourselves that if the office is closed, then how will new investors invest or are they not interested in new investors?
Anyway August 27,2007 is not far away so we hope not to hear another story this time than they have started paying week 19,let us all bear in mind that they have done it before….August 1st was the initial promise date for payoff for week 19.
Wonder Banks like Sefteg who I personally rated highly, increased there Tax deduction on ROI from 5% to 10% when the Government of Olusegun Obasanjo increased V.A.T.
This policy actually made people to believe the company was on the right track being a law abiding company thereby increasing their investor base but now they are not forth coming in Paying the ROI to investors promptly giving various excuses every time you go to their office and to make matters worse, their phone number is always unavailable. So what is the guarantee of ROI in Wonder Bank?

Friday, August 17, 2007


Due to the up coming redenomination of the Naira coming up in August 1st 2008, investors in wonder banks are beginning to ponder on the effect of this, on their ROI from Prime banks. Based on CBN Press Release that the redenomination will be by 2 decimal point (dividing the value of ROI by 100).
Investors now wonder if the purchasing power of the Naira will be affected by this effect but due to analysis given by economist, there is nothing to worry about.
Based on this, 100NGN (Nigerian Naira)= 1New Nigerian Naira
Question that might result from Redenomination.
1. What is the relationship between the old and new note and their denomination?
Denomination of new notes are: 20Naira,10Naira,5Naira,1Naira,50kobo,20kobo,10kobo,5kobo,1kobo and the rate is fixed as stated earlier.
2. What do I stand to loose in changing old note to new note?
The purchasing power of the new note is the same as the old note; the only difference is change in decimal point.
3 Will it lead to decrease in ROI by wonder banks?
No, since this is just a mathematical adjustment of decimal point (100 Naira=1New Naira)
4. Will the ROI be divided by 100 as well?
Yes, it will be subject to comply with the New Naira.
5. Will the redenomination affect wonder banks doing business in USD$?
No, the exchange rate to the dollar will also conform to this changes as CBN as laid out that by August 1st 2008 1USDollar=1.25NGNaira

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is to inform the general public and more importantly subscribers of Penny Wise Spill-Over Cooperative Investment scheme that the management of the company has approved the immediate suspension of the operations of the scheme and the dissolution of its Board of Directors. The dissolution of the board is imperative in order to accommodate more professionals in the running of the company.
The suspension of Spill-Over scheme becomes inevitable due to the following reasons:
1 Government’t unfavorable disposition toward the scheme
2 Refusal by Some Banks to accept deposit from our subscribers
3 Central Bank of Nigeria’s disclaimer of the scheme
4 Unlawful arrest and kidnap of our operatives
5 Fake entries and other fraudulent practices of some subscribers and agents
6 Unruly behavior of some agents and subscribers, causing inconducive atmosphere for profitable trading
7 Frequent eruption of violence which is so worrisome to the management
8 Misconception of the scheme by some subscribers; and
9 Resultant general loss of the real intent of the scheme
As the Spill-Over Cooperative Investment Scheme goes to bed, we congratulate thousands who have benefited; their testimonies (which we solicited for) will go a long way in this trying period. It is however disheartening that the company will not be able to meet the expectation of many others who came into the scheme lately.
We are sorry for raising your hope, which we do not intend to dash. But as everybody can see, the atmosphere could no longer permit the scheme to continue.As a company set up with an intention to contribute to poverty eradication in our society and with men of proven character and integrity, which we could not afford to soil in our bid to contribute to the development of our community, the board of Penny-Wise has honorably resolved to refund the initial deposit (100%) of those who entered in weeks 13, 14 and 15.
We regret any inconvenience this might cause.It should be noted that in the light of the foregoing that the company is through with financial obligations to subscribers who registered from week 1(One) through 12 (Twelve).To make the refund exercise hitch-free, the company has employed the services of a consultancy firm to carry out the verification of claims. Therefore, subscribers and agents who have any job in weeks 13, 14, and 15 are hereby requested to make themselves available at our Mokola, Ibadan, office with proofs of their claims from Monday, August 20, 2007. They shall be attended to between 9.00am and 4.00pm, Monday through Friday.
To avoid the crowd (which our office is usually characterized with) the verification exercise shall run for 45days, so everybody should be rest assured of clearance. Security operatives and other relevant government agencies have been properly briefed and shall be part of the verification and the refund exercise.Once again we appeal for calm and understanding. We wish all our subscribers and agents well in their future financial endeavours and pray that there shall be no loss.For enquiries, suggestions and advice the GSM Lines 08073156871; 08063865582 shall be on 24 hours (Text message only).
Our e-mail contact is: There shall also be regular information on our website; and in the media.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


HYIP(High Yield Investment Program) and HYIF(High Yield Investment Fraud) are both scheme that promises members financial freedom but to what extent is it true since it has now become a real crime issue. Their high investment yield attracts aggressive investors who are willing to compromise on the risk for extra cash. This schemes source funds from the sale of non-existent investment promising risk free investment with guaranteed return in an unpredictable world.
This scheme operator’s promise unique access to trading programs which are capital intensive but by pooling funds together, thereby making it possible or claiming to have high level business contact. Details of business are sometimes not explained to an investor, which means sometimes you don’t know what your capital is involved in.
Partakers of this scheme are sometimes under secrecy undertaking, claiming to be doing international business.
Remember that caution must be taken when you are about to involve in a scheme with secret trading promising risk free or telling you that your investment is only used as collateral with guaranteed high ROI(Return On Investment). Schemes that are not licensed or offered by legitimate brokerage firms and having complicated legal looking document like non-circumvention, non-solicitation agreement, letter of intent/proof of fund because this are all sign of ERROR.
They have devised instruments like bank notes, debentures, holiday packages, foreign currency trading, letter of credit, bill of exchange, blocked fund certificate, roll programs/trading programs while in most cases this instrument are not approved by Securities and Exchange Commission, International Chambers of Commerce, Central Bank, International Monetary Fund or the World Bank.
Familiarize yourself with this scheme before investing and remember if PIPS(People in Profit System) can collapse, which ponzi cant.
Written by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

Monday, August 13, 2007




Goattale’s Wealth Builder is acclaimed to be an internet financial network using affiliate proven technologies with restriction to minors. The MLM in question doesn’t require selling or buying and no need for human interaction except when you need to call there customer care number(which most times is either switched off or unavailable).
This is a MLM that started some months back but information we gathered was that their site was down for some time and now it has been upgraded due to unanticipated amount of investors. It quite interesting that the contact number for this MLM are all mobile numbers which means they are not traceable likewise the landline number is a CDMA number. They have a lovely direct and indirect scheme whereby you earn 2,000 NGN on each person you refer directly or indirectly.
Below is an extract quoted verbatim from their site.
You refer John. This is your first referal (your 1- up referal).
You refer Musa, you get N2,000.
You refer Peter, you get N2,000.
You refer Ben, you get N2,000 again.
Musa refers Abdul, you still get N2,000.
Peter refers Harry, you get N2,000 again. Harry refers James, you get N2,000.
James refers Philip, you get N2,000 again.
You keep earning N2,000 on and on and on
Most people have complained about inability to transfer fund from their NetNaira account to bank account. . The speed at which you earn is like other MLM which is subject to how fast you can market it.
Joining Wealth Builder require you to have a Net Naira Account which used to be credited through bank transfer and interswitch(Nigerian Payment Gateway) but now you will need to purchase Net Naira Pin.
Contact their website for further details and to join the wealth builder family
ALWAYS REMEMBER: You should never refer people with your first downlink(Your 1up) so as to make money.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Some WonderBank are here to stay a while and some are here for a shorter time, considering what has become of Silver Trust Ltd (CAPITAL MARKET OPERATOR) due to ridiculous ways of handling business affairs. This was a company that seemed promising initially and was the gist of HYIPers in Nigeria when its doors was opened to investors but now the soup has gone sour.
This particular company which was black listed by SEC among Fund Manager that wasn't registered by the Commission so that investors can desist from them and they now seem to be following the foot steps of Devine success also in Ibadan as reported by PM News on the 6th of August 2007.Check link:
From reliable sources, I have gathered that Silver Trust Ltd have decided to pay about 10% of the invested capital to investors monthly for a period of ten months and by the 11th month, the principal amount will be refunded to investor but the ability of this company to keep to their end of the bargain become unbelievable with their performance in recent times because to me, this is medicine after death.This new plan by Silver Trust Ltd is widely believed to be a scheme whereby they wan to lure in new investors thereby creating a mirage of a functional Fund Manager and using there money to pay old investors since retrieval of initial capital is impossible when it comes to WonderBank.This are just speculations as everyone is free to share various opinions on each WonderBank
….written by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

Thursday, August 9, 2007


WonderBank as they have may been known, the life span of this companies are being cut short by CBN,SEC and all government bodies in the capital market.
Information gathered reveals that the office of Wealth Solution Ltd in Ojodu,Lagos State in Nigeria was closed due to the investors presumptions that the company was failing to meets its end of the contract signed by them but business in the Head Office of the company in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo-State has been going on as usual.
People now keep their fingers crossed and hope that history(UMANA UMANA,FORUM) does not repeat itself in this case while investors are saying that this are sign of a week WonderBank,so how weak can they be?
This problem is as a result of Wealth Solution Ltd decision to shift the payment for Week 19 from August 1st 2007 to August 27th 2007 but the reasons the company is giving does not hold water since it’s not the only company having problem with Central Bank of Nigeria or Securities and Exchange Commission .
The reduction of pay off by 50% is a breach of contract by Wealth Solution Ltd and this issue should be addressed by investors so as to prevent an occurrence in future.August 27 is not far away so I guess investors have to play the waiting game to ascertain if this company will keep to his words this time. This is a company using operational time frame of 4weeks(4 operational weeks =8weeks)that used 7-9weeks to make payment for Wk 18 investors.
Since the payoff has been reduced by 50%, will the operational week return back to the normal 2weeks?
The only way to know the answer to this question is to wait because Wealth Solution Ltd don’t keep to their words… Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Dear Valued Investors,
We are using this medium to inform you on the recent crisis wealth solution limited are undergoing due to the CBN and Government financial regulatory bodies who gave fund managers ultimatum to review their business plan or refund the initial deposit collected by them to their subscribers. We also want to let you know that wealth solution limited has decided to pay 50% of the amount qualified to existing investors. WSL plans to do the pay-off beginning with week 19 from August 27. WSL presently has five subsidiary companies, one of which is a quarry site and they are coming out with a micro finance bank within the next few weeks.As soon as we hear more information, we promise to be keep you informed. Thanks for your usual cooperation on the new business plan.The financial regulatory bodies according to WSL Directors gave WSL the options to either review the business plan downward or consider themselves close down. WSL opted for the option of continuity by accepting to reviewing their business plan and interest rates slashed downwards.
For Enquiries
WSL TEL #:02-8712548, 02-8712948, 02-7524634 or
WSL Head Office:No 24 Mogaji Are Road
Opp. GAFO Multi-purpose hall,
Ring-Road Ibadan.(opposite D.Rovans Hotel)


Firstly, we can’t talk about Egold Exchanger without knowing about Egold.Egold is a form of electronic currency denominated in Gold weight and it’s a system which allows instant transfer of gold between users, its integrated into an account based payment system which allows you to spend gold to other users.Egold was founded in 1996 by Dr Douglas Jackson and Barry K. Downy and the number of Egold subscribers has grown to over 3million.
The typical unit of account of this currency is the gold grams. It is a company operated by Gold & Silver Reserve Incorporated under Egold Ltd. and the company is incorporated in Nevis, Lesser Antilles and their present gold and silver worth is above $86million(USD).
Since the boom in the internet based Business and Hyip/Mlm in Nigeria, it has become adamant that the need for Egold in Nigeria be borne by Companies or Individual who see themselves fit to render this services but the question we have to ask ourselves is “How reliable are this Egold Exchangers?”
The exchange rates varies from trader to trader but the major issue is not, how much Nigerian are coughing out to buy Egold but, are they getting the Egold eventually?
Allegation has been brought against many Egold Exchangers like (at the time of writing this report,their telephone was unreachable)and some sites are also very slow with Egold transactions which sometimes runs into days.

It's a personal discretion to trade with this exchangers and the list is endless.
written by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

Monday, August 6, 2007


Invex was a HYIP program that sold oil bonds, had almost 5000 members and collected over $5 million (USD) according to the owners. One day, the site disappeared and all investors received a very ignorant email from the owners that they have been ripped off.

Dear Invex Ltd. Players,
This is a long message and will be the last news you will hear from us... until we open our next HYIPWe want, kindly, recommend you stop losing your time by looking after us. Anyway, for the cyber detectives, here is how we worked.
1- The basis is having 100% false ID documents. For $200 you get a really nice looking pack of documents, even nicer than legal ones
2- We rented a nice apartment with fast internet in a nice city near the sea, with false documents. We then bought a new desktop computer and a new laptop, installed some fresh programs.
3- We opened a bank account with false documents, put some cash on the account, and got a nice true debit card.
4- We opened e-gold accounts and funded them from the bank account above.
5- A bit later we opened e-bullion accounts, funded by... you, idiots who "invested"
OK? Now we have e-gold, internet, a place to sleep, eat etc, all without possibility to track us. A major question was "Must we open a real company". We decided that NO, as people are so stupid that they believe all what they read. And you know what? It is true Invex Ltd. and Lomax Group Corp. are pure fantasy
Okay, let's go to work now!
1- Opening a domain name and booking a server at the katzglobal scammers' best place, paying with e-gold.
2- Later, booking a dedicated server and paying with... the debit card coming from the bank account above
3- Renting Prolexic, and paying them by bank transfers from.... an e-gold exchanger The gold came from YOU idiots who "invested" !
To specialists who want to track us by the IP addresses, we kindly recommend you to use Google and look at JAP, Freenet, I2P, TORR, etc.You will understand that our IP come from anywhere in the world, beeing chained between servers who cannot track them.
And even if so, the last IP address, the place where we lived, was this nice appartment near the sea, that we left some weeks ago Oh, the computers were given to a charity, after the hard disks were physically deleted
Other pros say "Let's track the money"! Great idea, but don't forget that even the [beep] muslim terrorists cannot be tracked by the special services
How did we withdraw all your nice donations? That's easy, thanks to mygcard who supplied us hundreds of anonymous debit cards that our friedns and us used in various countries! Alain Vignard from mygcard received $20.000 cash in hands for helping us to find the ATM with no "$800/day limits", and telling us how to use the cards at the best. Well, Alain tried to scam us later, but that is another story
We also used bank transfers from the best exchangers, who have no problem at all sending $100,000 or $200,000 every 3 days to bank accounts in Panama, the BVI, etc Nice offshore places outside the EU and the US Track the money there, dear friends!
Oh, about exchangers, we worked with one of them from Australia, and where a bit afraid at the beginning, as he wrote on his website that he "verifies ALL data" from his clients. LOL ! His fee is 2%, we kindly offered him 2% more "to preserve our privacy" Look at our dialogue by email:-
HIM: 2% more is a good offer, but is your gold clean? We don't want to work with scammers.- US: Of course, what are you thinking? We are honest businessmen and just want to keep a low profile.-
HIM: OK, i can see you are not scammers, just send me the gold and 4% fee instead of the regular 2%.
Thank you mister G. ))
As I am in a very good mood, I will also explain you something: Most of the biggest HYIP are run by us, a professional team. And when other scammers try to enter our market, BING! If they are interesting people we try to buy them, if not DDOS attacks make them shutdown To be sure our rating is the best one, we also pay the admins of a few monitoring programs, including the biggest and "most reliable" (LOOOOL) one!
Our business is to make money. We use 20% of the money we get to help poor and disabled people around each of us, 20% other is given to some "political" associations that fight against ISLAM (Hey guys from the Emirates, Bahrein, Kuwait, etc etc, did you read this? THANK YOU , and the balance is for us.
We have currently a dozen of HYIP running, are going to close some of them, and of course to open new ones! We are working like this since a few years, and all is working fine!
But you know, it IS possible to make profit from HYIP: Just do it QUICKLY! Look: made $6,580 profit with us, including the commissions they got by sending YOU IDIOTS, to Invex. These people are really scumbags: They are making profit by making you lose!
As a clever guy told in some forum, "there were no guarantees, so no need to cry". YEP! We NEVER gave any guarantee to ANYBODY (unless Titanium plans, and you should notice that THESE guys do NOT cry on your forum, try to guess why...!), we even recommended those who ask for guarantees to go to their local bank They didn't? THEIR CHOICE!
When reading your forum and others, we really laugh! So, most of you were already scammed by other HYIP? By our HYIP maybe Anyway, it seems that you don't understand what a teenager is able to understand! So, you continue to "invest" here and there, and that is good... FOR US! For you, I am not sure When I see a GREAT SPECIALIST, the "Andrewunknown", proudly saying that he lost $40,000 into Invex but that he will recover from other HYIP, WE ARE LAUGHING, FALLING FROM OUR CHAIRS )))) Moreover in his list of "no ponzi", LOL, some of them are from us ))))
Now some personal messages:
-EMAIL REMOVED threatened us to send "the FBI and the CIA against us" ) better you keep your energy to work and recover your $600 ONLY that you sent us, than saying such BS )))
- "AROBASE", "LUCIEN", "IGOR": YOU will be refunded partially, we contacted you some hours ago.
- "vanderschalk-group" is a clever guy: He made about $45k profit from Invex
- "ANATOLI" is the best one: he made about $170k profit from Invex, even with what we kept from him when we closed!
- lewisfargo, caro, anhvn06, ydna, janhkok, profitondemand, HIPsyD, promax, brewmanau, adtype13sg, , Johnnyslide, etc etc are also in big profit (Between $10k and $50k) from Invex.
Feel free to find and contact them to ask to share ))
Well that's all, folks! We are anyway in touch with a few of you through other HYIP, under other names of course!
Good luck
Renaud, Kathy, Oliver,David


1. If you took a look at there website before CLUB FREEDOM was launched on the 1st of September 2006 , the address which points to Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong, all seems fine and club freedom even have a picture of their offices on the website so one tiny discrepancy here is that Shun Tak Centre according to a multitude of other sources including wikipedia the image Club Freedom used was actually Citibank at Citibank Plaza No. 3 Garden Road Hong Kong but now the new address is 12th floor(No room number) of a building in Hong Kong.i have called my friend in HongKong to check out the office and validate this information, I will inform accordingly in the WONDERBANK UPDATE
2.They wrote at that time beside their company logo the words 'powered by RCI'.RCI is an international company started in 1974 who pioneered the concept of exchange vacation.Since RCI denied having anything to do with them then they changed it to Global Vacation Network,GVN looks more like a net based company.Only God knows if it want designed for this purpose.they claim also that GVN as also been existing since 1974.They misled their customers with RCI voucher initially….bad foundation. Unstable business model supported by Holiday Voucher of questionable validity since initially it was meant to be RCI voucher.
3.It is very adamant that you get 2 people as down and if you fail, your $200 is trapped in the system so can you imagine how many people who got into the system and are trapped. Now they don’t have a choice but to forfeit their capital.No refund policy.The currency exchanger ecash wallet is owned by club freedom which means your cash can be trapped in the system, even if you cycle out.
4.This company is Registered in the St Kitts and Nevis as eCash Wallet International and they don’t have a functional office in the country this was Offshore Registration if you know what i mean. This countries(Caribbean Countries) are know for Illegal Companies, ones that are associated with Money Laundering, e.t.c and please be aware that condition attested to by you when signing up will be subject to the laws of the St Kitts and Nevis.
5.The website registrant details are not useful in this case since the company is more or less anonymous, it registered through a proxy. Maybe its to protect all the valuable information with them but at the same time, it means they are not traceable or they got something to hide.
6.Another thing to consider is the issue of payment with credit card. Are you aware that their payment provider is which has the same customer support telephone number as which revolves to an offshore server in St. Kitts. View this link to understand better
7.Everybody who joins club freedom wants to eventually cycle out thereby becoming Club Freedom biggest liability.About 90%+ of the people will never cycle out since most probably they will be stuck between 2-4 levels of the MLM which Club Freedom calls Main Board.
Get into it, if you know you can market it. BUT before you sleep tonight try doing whois checkup on club freedom website( through
This are just flaws, it doesn’t mean it isn’t functional and I won’t discourage anybody but remember that whatever anybody says to bring you in, he has said it to cycle out so don’t believe Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

Sunday, August 5, 2007


This is a 1million naira question that most people will be willing to pay for due to the gains they must have gathered through this wonder, to them it’s a Poverty Elevation Program(PEV) since this WonderBanks helped to raise there financial standard but for most Nigerian they have caused sorrow,more sorrow than joy.
It becomes questionable how they can give returns and payoff to investors to the tunes of Millions of Naira but also bear in men that it’s generally believed that EFCC has reviewed there Accounts and it has been given a clean bill. If this is truly the case, then they are not HYIP or MLM which is comforting to know, that’s if the EFCC have actually done their work. There is nothing more infuriating than a Breach of Contract which has become a norm for this Fund Managers but due to the illegitimacy of there transaction, their customers more or less have no choice since CBN,SEC and all concerned authorities have advised against such.
So the question is that, if they are doing legitimate business and making so much returns, why have they refused to make public to customers their Financial Report?, after all, they are investors. If the legality of their business has been proved then it becomes comforting to investors that their capital is secured and returns guaranteed which translates to consistency of returns.
If this is established then the only question unanswered, is their lack of right to collect investors money when they are not properly registered by SEC as a Fund Manager.
There is always room for re-organization,so get registered through appropriate channels as a Micro Finance OR Discount House OR view all the options available to function properly under the law. They should be aware that their investor base will increase, if they are properly registered as Fund Managers, that’s if truly they don’t have intention of Folding Up as in this case, it will become more difficult for them to do such. The question I am put to the Managing Directors of the Acclaimed WonderBanks….How can they become Legit?

Saturday, August 4, 2007


A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money which requires an endless stream of recruits for success. Recruits (a) give money to recruiters and (b) enlist fresh recruits to give them money.
A pyramid scheme is called a pyramid scheme because of the shape of a pyramid: a three dimensional triangle. If a pyramid were started by a human being at the top with just 10 people beneath him, and 100 beneath them, and 1000 beneath them, etc., the pyramid would involve everyone on earth in just ten layers of people with one con man on top. The human pyramid would be about 60 feet high and the bottom layer would have more than 4.5 billion people!
Thus, in very short order, 10 recruiting 10 and so on would reach 10 billion, well in excess of the earth's population. If the entire population of earth were 5 billion and we all got involved in a pyramid scheme, the bottom layer would consist of about 90 percent of the planet, i.e., about 4.5 billion people. Thus, for 500 million people to be WINNERS, 4.5 billion must be LOSERS.
In a straightforward pyramid scheme, a recruit is asked to give a sum of money, say $100, to a recruiter. The new recruit then enlists, say, 10 more recruits, to give up $100 each. In the simplest example, the recruiter keeps all the money he gets from his recruits. In our example, each recruit gives up $100 in exchange for $900 ($100 from each of his 10 recruits minus the $100 he gave his own recruiter). In order for no one to lose money, the recruiting must go on forever. On a planet with a limited number of people, even if the planet is as large as Earth one runs out of new recruits rather quickly.
Thus, the result of all these schemes is inevitable: at best, a few people walk away with a lot of money, while most recruits lose whatever money they put into the scheme. In fact, the only way anybody can make money through a pyramid scheme or chain letter is if other people are defrauded into giving money upon a promise of getting something in return when it will be impossible for them to get anything at all in return. That is to say, in plain English, these schemes always constitute fraud. They use deception to get money. That is why they are illegal. They are not illegal because they involve recruiting people to recruit other people to recruit other people. That is perfectly legal and is done to some degree in many legitimate businesses. They are not illegal because they involve giving money to people. It is perfectly legal to give money to people. They are illegal because they involve deceiving people in order to get money from them: that is the legal meaning of fraud.
In actual fact, however, no pyramid scheme will ever work this way because the scheme will never get the number of recruits we've been speculating about. All pyramid schemes will begin to die when the later recruits don't sign on in numbers large enough to pay off the earlier recruits. There will always be enough people who will smell the scheme out. There will always be too many people who will say "if it sounds too good to be true that's probably because it is." There may even be a good number of people who will realize that though one person recruiting ten doesn't sound like much, it quickly adds up to unrealistic and improbable numbers. Also, all it takes is one person to stop the whole thing, either by adamantly persuading recruiters of their indecency.
Pyramid schemes are popular because people are greedy and greed can do wonders to a person's thinking. For a person desiring to make a lot of money from a small investment in a short amount of time, wishful thinking often takes over where critical thinking should step in. Wishes become facts. Skeptics become idiots for not getting on board. Desires become reality. Asking questions seems rude and unfriendly. Scam artists know how greed works and all it takes is one con man to get the thing started.
With the odds so stacked against a person, why would one gamble on a pyramid scheme? Greed is only part of the answer. Most pyramid people don't envision themselves anywhere near the bottom layer of the pyramid. Even the most greedy person on the planet would probably see that if one is near the bottom layer of recruits it will be very hard to get new recruits. They have to see themselves near the top in order to envision the immense wealth from minimal effort that is going to come their way.
Furthermore, if I hope to get people involved in a pyramid scheme, the first thing I must do is convince them they are not getting involved in a pyramid scheme. They may know they are illegal. Or they may realize that pyramid schemes are a losing proposition for at least 90 percent of those who get involved. So, I tell them they are joining a club. I give the club a nice name such as The Friendly Investors Club (FIC). I reassure them that the FIC is approved by the IRS and run by a CPA with a Ph.D. who is not an ASS. If I'm really good, my recruits will believe me and the police officers, secretaries, teachers, ministers, etc. whom I recruit. These well-respected, intelligent, honest people will pass on this line to others. If I am really, really good, I will have convinced my recruits not only that they are getting into a legitimate and lucrative Club, but that any earnings are tax-free. I would indicate to recruits that as long as their take in the scheme is less than $10,000, it wouldn't be taxable because gifts aren't taxable until they exceed $10,000. I would convince the recruits that, for legal purposes, they would be giving money away and others would be giving money to them.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Ponzi Scheme is named after Charles Ponzi who cheated people in the circa 1920s through a method, involves getting people to invest in something for a guaranteed rate of return and using the money of later investors to pay off the earlier ones.
Does anyone really make money from these schemes.The people who start it and the people who get into the scheme early. They must, or they would have died off long ago because they are the one who advertise by word of mouth.
How? If I start the scheme, I just skim off the top and pay off enough people to make it look like it's working, even if that means buying in again at the bottom. I might even be stupid enough to think that I can keep the scheme going when the recruiting has dried up. I can try to get money quickly by some other scheme.
For example, I can take a big chunk of money and go to Multi Level Marketing(International MLM for instance)with lots of slots and hope to hit it by cycling out fast but with time it will starts to fail because it gets so wide,and i cant keep up. What happens then?
I don't know how many people have lost money investing in Ponzi but thousands of people with little opportunity for investment of capital were swindled by pyramid scheme operators.Some People have invested their life savings or money they earned working abroad in one of several outlawed pyramid schemes like the ones we have in Nigeria, i dont want to mention any company.
This schemes offers very high Pay offs, with the first investors paid from later investors' deposits. They will eventually fail when no new investors come in and no cash to pay them then they start by cutting returns and then when things gets too tight then pack up and disappear. Any such scheme is doomed to fail because there cannot be an endless line of "investors." The only problem is that greed and self-deception are endless.


This is the question we have to ask ourselves but the fact still remain that over the months they have been consistent and committed to there investors. Even though now, they pay weeks behind schedule people are still signing up into there programs .Sefteg Nigeria Company Ltd with CAC Registration number 685245(NOT REGISTERED WITH SEC) is located at Plot 1661, Oyin Jolayemi Street in Victoria Island.The slogan of this company is "Creating Wealth in Every Household" and based on my survey they have kept there words to the Nigeria People.
They have 3 types of Investment Plan :
Green Investment Plan:This investment plan is the type where you get credited 20% of your deposit monthly for a period of 2yrs after which you will forfeit your capital.
White Investment Plan:This investment plan give the investor a 70% returns every 3months for the period of 2yrs after which you stand to lose your capital.
Blue Investment Plan:This investment plan gives its investors 150% returns every 6months for the period of 2yrs and which you forfeit your capital.
Please note that your capital can't be liquidated until after one year and consequently a certain percentage will be dedected from the capital before returning it.
It's quite interesting that a few month back,Bankers were actually the ones investing in this scheme but now it's the bankers forum that's fighting against them....Have they broken even?
With the state of poverty in Nigeria where per capital GDP(nominal) stands at $770 ranking 137 in a world of 182 countries,the masses begin to believe in the wonder banks as a financial problem solver and those that don't understand how they make money call them Voodoo Fund Manager(since its beyond there comprehension).
Despite ongoing advice by government agencies,the office of Sefteg Nigeria Company Ltd is always full of people who have just made payment into there account and a few old customers with complaints.
Then one begin to ponder,if all the effort by government agency to shut down this wonder banks are falling on deaf ears or the masses want to take there chances with the wonder banks due to the present economic situation of the country.
There account in a few banks like First Bank has been closed but new ones like Skye Bank have been opened to continue there business.
This is for information purpose Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi

Thursday, August 2, 2007


A big reason many individuals fear MLM is because they believe they are going to get scammed. There is lots of information in cyberspace about MLM scam this or MLM scam that. People are afraid of the unknown and since very few know much about MLM, except hearsay, it creates an atmosphere of anxiety and aversion. The key, as in anything, is to do your homework and educate yourself on the ins and outs of MLM. Then you have the information to make your own educated decision.
The following 7 tips will provide some information on how to avoid scams when choosing a MLM.
MLM Scam Tip #1
Research the company management. That's very easy to do nowadays. Google is an incredible resource. Put the names of the company's top management into the search engines and see what comes up, some of the results are shocking!
MLM Scam Tip #2
Read the policy and procedures before you join. The policy and procedures, p&p's, are your contract with the company. Make sure you understand what they are saying. Look for red flags such as, p&p's not available on the main company website, p&p's that are over 7 pages long, anything in the p&p that says ongoing or continual, or 30 day termination at the company's discretion. These are just a few things to watch out for. You don't want to build a team only to have it ripped out from under you. Sadly, that happens.
MLM Scam Tip #3
Understand the compensation plan. This might seem like a no brainer, but MLM comp plans are not like anything in the real world. Take your time to understand it before you join. Ask questions if you don't understand. A good question to ask is "How many people will it take in my organization, on the back end, meaning residual, to make 10K per month?" See what they say and ask yourself how doable is that for me?
MLM Scam Tip #4
Good upline support is extremely important to MLM success. You need a team of people that work together and leave their egos at the door. If possible talk to others in their downline and see what they have to say. Many good people enter into MLM being promised support but get none because their upline has moved on to recruit others or they are too busy helping the "superstars".
MLM Scam Tip #5
Good solid training. Training you can take to the field and use. Not lots of hype and pie in the sky tales of success. Training where you get some basic skills needed to do this business. Of course, you shouldn't have to pay for it!
MLM Scam Tip #6
Avoid lead generation systems that rely on friend and family. Systems like these make it extremely difficult for success in MLM. 92% of the population doesn't like to sell or be sold; I'd say the number is even higher when you are talking about friends and family. If the company your thinking about joining employs this type of lead generation system, tie up your shoelaces and run for the door!
MLM Scam Tip #7
MLM success takes work. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If someone is saying; "in our company it's easy to have success" or "we'll build your downline for you" or "you can make 100K in 6 months", they are lying. Plain and simple. MLM is an incredible business when you align yourself with the right company. By following these 7 tips you will increase your chances of success immensely by avoiding a MLM scam.
By Suzanne Fulford.


Its no longer news that E-Gold is a widely accepted mode of payment for High Yield Investment Programs(HYIP) and Multi Level Marketing (MLM)due to the very obvious reason that there is no way of retrieving fund once paid and no proper way keeping track on there customers incase of abuse of site.When reviewing over 1,000 HYIP/MLM sites i found out that they only accept E-Gold as a mode of payment.According to track record of HYIP/MLM,87% are scams based on survey then you begin to ponder why the sudden shift by Nigerian to International HYIP/MLM .This sudden shift might have been caused by the growing pressures by Government Agencies and Banks to clamp down on Wonder Banks.If you want a list of HYIP you can join,view this site
This Wonder Banks have made us aware of the amount of turnover the Banks are generating with OPM when they pay you stipends as interest while they continue to grow.
I did a review on a MLM called Club Freedom and i began to understand that when you actually think you are making money,you would have made more money forming co-operative society with your friend and taking the money in turn.Did you know that, for every 8people who cycle out of club freedom,it requires 1024slots which generates $204,800(USD) and the payoff is only $48,000(USD).So tell me,who is to lose? Its geometric progression.
It wont fold up,if that's what you are worried about but its ripping you and your friends that you are bringing into the network off.While you are making thousands($6,000 USD),the company is making millions of dollars.So you can imagine by the time 64 Nigerians cycle out of Club Freedom that would have been 8192 slots and cash inflow of $1,638,400 and pay off is $384,000 and the company would have made $1,254,400.You can do the calculation personally and you will realise that they are ripping people off,that's why other Networks like Getaway Club can give $12,250 and still incredible profits.
Anyway,this is only for information purpose and it shouldn't debar anyone from joining any HYIP/MLM.Tomorrow,I will paste my research on Sefteg Nigeria Ltd and there journey so far.
by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi


Taking it upon myself to list all the links to the Newspaper about how the dailies has helped promote the business in the wonder banks indirectly by making more people conscious of such operations.Some people believe this banks are voodoo banks but i think some are just people with great ideas but no access to capital or loans from Banks using the principle of Other Peoples Money (OPM) while most of them are scams with sole intention of ripping people off there hard earned money.Anyway,the scams wonder banks and government parastatal are making it more difficult for companies(Wonder Banks) with good intentions.I think regulatory bodies should give them rules and guidelines and see if they can compete fairly in the market.Below are links to newspaper report on Wonder Banks:

Its making new every week but watch out for my next topic : when will the bubble burst?
by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi


Silver Trust is new in town and everybody who has participated gives kudos to there prompt payment on dividend but is it because its new?,the Return on Investment(ROI) which they call Silver Pay is very attractive like WealthSolution before the SMS agenda started.The ROI for Silver Trust as of today is about 300% but the question is for how long can they keep up.Similar Schemes like Wealth Solution couldnt generate the ROI in 8weeks but you never can tell,afterall they are wonder banks.They have offices in Ogbomosho,Ilorin and Osogbo(None in financial nerve centres),can you imagine?
Anyway,people always say "thats not the issue but to cash in when its still hot".They are giving ROI in 5weeks .Below is a breakdown of the Investment Plan but the logic is that they want to invest more capital.

No. Of Units Amount Invested SilverPay
3 4,600 5,380
5 7,000 13,130
9 11,800 28,020
17 21,400 57,735
29 35,800 102,715
41 50,200 147,695
53 64,600 192,670
63 76,600 230,160
103 124,600 380,100
129 155,800 477,560
255 307,000 951,960
511 614,200 1,914,130

But Pls bear in mind that the higher the ROI,the higher the Risk and they were all consistent when they started but if you have further enquiry you can contact them yourself or visit there website at
by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

WEALTH SOLUTION:Are they for real?

As the day goes by, I begin to ask myself what is the plan of Wealth Solution for its customers when people have pooled there hard earned money into the organization only to be toying with them as kids.
Initially, investments used to be 8weeks which was 4 operational weeks in the calendar but as more investor pumped money into the company they started getting sluggish with keep to commitment but the question is this…wasn’t there an agreement signed to, at the point of investing stating the time frame and the refund on cycling out?
If the answer to this question is yes, then why are they breaking such agreement and still expect the customer to continue investing when he cycles out? There is no future for such a company so my advice to those who haven’t invested …don’t and if you have invested….I wish you all the luck, after all it’s a risk in the first place.
But the ability to calculate a risk makes us smart by human definition except you are an adrenalin conscious person who loves taking risk for fun at the detriment of your resources.
I was told initially that an SMS was sent to there customers that Payment for Week 19 will start on August 1, 2007 but today they come up with another SMS that Payment starts on August 27,2007 for Week 19 and only 50% of return.
Using the recent issues with CBN, EFCC and SEC as an excuse is inappropriate while the other Wonder Banks who have reviewed there rates have been at least consistent. To believe the reduction will not affect the customers is a lie when everybody has planned individually on how you intend to use your returns.
Bear it in mind that Wealth Solution wasn’t the only company giving about 300% Returns On Investment(ROI) so reduction by 50% isn’t right, SilverTrust gives about 300% as well and they have been consistent and haven’t reduced there ROI yet but bear in mind Wealth Solution was consistent when they started.
Anyway, it’s a personal decision as I always. by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi


This isn't a comprehensive list so i believe its open to everybody to add to the list but the idea is to compile all the names of companies involved in this schemes.
Below is a list which is open to update:
1. Nospecto Oil & Gas
2. Wealthsolution
3. Sefteg
4. Silver Trust
5. Wealthgate
6. Tresure Fund
7. Positive Movement
8. Trade Masters
9. Manpower
10. New freedom
11. Artmaster
12. Pennywise
13. Kingdom Wealth
14. Dominion Global
15. Wisdom Investment
16. Devine Success
17. WealthBuilders
19. MegaWealth
21. Wilamas Ventures
22. Money Field Ltd.
23. Standard Chartered Securities Ltd.
24. The Broker Ltd.
25. GoldPower Unique Services
26. Fantastic Options Ltd.
27. Toddering Enterprises
28. Spring of Wealth Ltd.
29. Xenal Solution.
written by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi

WonderBanks:The way forward

It has become adamant that the Central Bank of Nigeria is trying all its best to curb the latest in the get rich quick(GRQ) syndrome thats domination the business atmosphere in Nigeria thereby creating an euthopia for investors who have keen interest in Risky Business.This has led to the latest effort by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to foward the issue to Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) for investigation and law enforcement purpose.The steps taken by this government parastatals has made it so apparent that pressures are coming from Banks to pursue this course,thereby putting the companies involved in a tight corner.What is the way forward?
If i may say,its now left to the so labelled wonder banks to look for a way to operate without breaking all the rules and regulations of the government parastatals involved .Should they be issued license to operate as Micro Finance or go through the proper procedures of floating share or become registered discount houses ?
Investors in this schemes are burdened with their various capital injected into the wonder banks with anticipations for returns and the wonder banks are burdened with external pressure
which is in turn affecting there returns to investors or prolonging the time frame for cycling out.
It has become paramount for us to find out which of this companies are for real when they have greatly increased in numbers over a score.Its quite frightening at the alarming rate at which this companies are springing up all the country thereby making it very difficult to differentiate the real deal from the scams.Let us all bear in mind that this wonderbanks could as well pass as Investment Clubs,if not for the public nature they parade themselves.It has come to my notice that they are Registered Companies but they dont have the license to give out fixed return thereby making it obvious its not subject to market flow.It has been said that EFCC has investigated this companies and found nothing incriminating in there financial records while not bearing in mind that the process of collecting cash from people without going through proper channels is illegal. I have taken it upon myself to elaborate on each of this wonder banks and enlighten the public,not to discourage but inform since information is power and decision is a personal choice.
Check this blog everyday for Latest Information on wonder banks. by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi