Friday, August 10, 2007


Some WonderBank are here to stay a while and some are here for a shorter time, considering what has become of Silver Trust Ltd (CAPITAL MARKET OPERATOR) due to ridiculous ways of handling business affairs. This was a company that seemed promising initially and was the gist of HYIPers in Nigeria when its doors was opened to investors but now the soup has gone sour.
This particular company which was black listed by SEC among Fund Manager that wasn't registered by the Commission so that investors can desist from them and they now seem to be following the foot steps of Devine success also in Ibadan as reported by PM News on the 6th of August 2007.Check link:
From reliable sources, I have gathered that Silver Trust Ltd have decided to pay about 10% of the invested capital to investors monthly for a period of ten months and by the 11th month, the principal amount will be refunded to investor but the ability of this company to keep to their end of the bargain become unbelievable with their performance in recent times because to me, this is medicine after death.This new plan by Silver Trust Ltd is widely believed to be a scheme whereby they wan to lure in new investors thereby creating a mirage of a functional Fund Manager and using there money to pay old investors since retrieval of initial capital is impossible when it comes to WonderBank.This are just speculations as everyone is free to share various opinions on each WonderBank
….written by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

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