Monday, August 20, 2007


As the days goes by, its getting more apparent that wonder banks like Nospecto Oil and Gas can’t escape the wrath of the law when Mr Musa Al-Faki (Director General of SEC) has decided to keep a keen eye on wonder banks and some stockbrokers including registrar firms.
Nospecto Oil & Gas was sourcing capital from investors without approval by SEC but even apart from these, it seems as if the business operation of the firm is no longer functional as investors are not being paid when due and false promises are given every time you visit there office also bearing in mind that their phone numbers are unavailable (a norm with wonder banks).
A joint effort is under way between SEC and EFCC to prosecute them but they informed investors in time past that they were scrutinized by EFCC on several occasions.
It has also been noted that senior officers of Nospecto Oil & Gas are no longer coming to work and divestment has been suspended till further notice. For full details, click this link to read the complete story in Vanguard Newspaper


Anonymous said...

Pls. what's the update about nospetco and wealthsolution.
about returning investors funds
pls. keep me posted


Anonymous said...

What are the regulations EFCC has for an indidvidual Nigerian who has the desire to trade forex?

Anonymous said...

It's been more than 2 years now and not a thing has been said or heard about Nospecto, yet indiviuals have their funds tied down by EFCC and the banks, bearing in mind that this banks use this funds for there gain. The new CBN governor should be made to look into it, he is a noble man.