Thursday, August 23, 2007


It is now becoming obvious that online HYIP(High Yield Investment Program)/MLM(Multi Level Marketing ) is the safest place to invest for HYIPer's since the CBN(Central Bank Of Nigeria) and SEC (Securities Exchange Commission)have decided to clamp down on the activities of Wonder Banks.
It’s apparent to investors that the wonder banks are finding it more difficult to give ROI(Returns on Investment) and the ones that give return can’t meet up with the initially agreed returns on investment.
Companies like Treasureline, Pennywise and Nospecto( biggest Wonder bank in Nigeria) have folded up directly or indirectly while companies like Sefteg still honor their agreement but the return comes latter than expected which is obviously better than none. Wealthzone is refunding initial deposit to investor.
The new wave of investment that is getting more popular among Nigerians HYIPer's is MLM such as Getaway Club, Canadian Cash Diamond which is good to get in now since the boards are not much so people tend to cycle out faster but MLM like Club Freedom is getting saturated since everybody have bought into the idea and it becomes more difficult to cycle out.Finding new members become more difficult and the boards are too big so it takes longer time to cycle out but in Getaway Club you only need to refer two people once and for all.
This shift in focus by investors has caused a boom in the EGold Exchangers market for reputable ones, when a lot are fraudulent in nature so please be careful when buying EGold online because there is nothing like the two parties been present at the point of exchange.
Another wave is the Forex wave which has been in existence for a long time but the inability of the wonder banks to perform has made people shift focus in this direction with Damadsuites community popping up and website like forex breeze getting more popular.
Based on research into HYIP, the best investment is FOREX and it’s the worst because with lack of experience you tend to lose your money easily. All information given in this article are open to research and verification by individual investor….by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

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