Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is an Ilorin(Kwara State, Nigeria) based wonder bank which claims it deals in Agricultural Produce, Solid Minerals, Real Estate, Property Development, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas and Fund Management. The normal procedure is that upon investing, you will get your wealth pay (Payoff) after 4 operational weeks. The company has a package called wealth creation and empowerment scheme "WCES".
It is this WCES packages which the customers invest an amount of money in what is called wealth units and get a specific return on investment which they defined as wealth pay. At the moment business doesn’t seem to be as usual since the company has decided to return investors capital when they are supposed to give back to investors above 200% Wealth pay. It is advisable for new investors to wait till all issue are resolved before investing since a text message was sent to investors that they are refunding initial capital(Wealth Units) for week 17 and 18 at the moment and they are presently in week 17.Is this wonder bank collapsing?

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