Thursday, August 2, 2007


Silver Trust is new in town and everybody who has participated gives kudos to there prompt payment on dividend but is it because its new?,the Return on Investment(ROI) which they call Silver Pay is very attractive like WealthSolution before the SMS agenda started.The ROI for Silver Trust as of today is about 300% but the question is for how long can they keep up.Similar Schemes like Wealth Solution couldnt generate the ROI in 8weeks but you never can tell,afterall they are wonder banks.They have offices in Ogbomosho,Ilorin and Osogbo(None in financial nerve centres),can you imagine?
Anyway,people always say "thats not the issue but to cash in when its still hot".They are giving ROI in 5weeks .Below is a breakdown of the Investment Plan but the logic is that they want to invest more capital.

No. Of Units Amount Invested SilverPay
3 4,600 5,380
5 7,000 13,130
9 11,800 28,020
17 21,400 57,735
29 35,800 102,715
41 50,200 147,695
53 64,600 192,670
63 76,600 230,160
103 124,600 380,100
129 155,800 477,560
255 307,000 951,960
511 614,200 1,914,130

But Pls bear in mind that the higher the ROI,the higher the Risk and they were all consistent when they started but if you have further enquiry you can contact them yourself or visit there website at
by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi

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