Thursday, August 2, 2007


Its no longer news that E-Gold is a widely accepted mode of payment for High Yield Investment Programs(HYIP) and Multi Level Marketing (MLM)due to the very obvious reason that there is no way of retrieving fund once paid and no proper way keeping track on there customers incase of abuse of site.When reviewing over 1,000 HYIP/MLM sites i found out that they only accept E-Gold as a mode of payment.According to track record of HYIP/MLM,87% are scams based on survey then you begin to ponder why the sudden shift by Nigerian to International HYIP/MLM .This sudden shift might have been caused by the growing pressures by Government Agencies and Banks to clamp down on Wonder Banks.If you want a list of HYIP you can join,view this site
This Wonder Banks have made us aware of the amount of turnover the Banks are generating with OPM when they pay you stipends as interest while they continue to grow.
I did a review on a MLM called Club Freedom and i began to understand that when you actually think you are making money,you would have made more money forming co-operative society with your friend and taking the money in turn.Did you know that, for every 8people who cycle out of club freedom,it requires 1024slots which generates $204,800(USD) and the payoff is only $48,000(USD).So tell me,who is to lose? Its geometric progression.
It wont fold up,if that's what you are worried about but its ripping you and your friends that you are bringing into the network off.While you are making thousands($6,000 USD),the company is making millions of dollars.So you can imagine by the time 64 Nigerians cycle out of Club Freedom that would have been 8192 slots and cash inflow of $1,638,400 and pay off is $384,000 and the company would have made $1,254,400.You can do the calculation personally and you will realise that they are ripping people off,that's why other Networks like Getaway Club can give $12,250 and still incredible profits.
Anyway,this is only for information purpose and it shouldn't debar anyone from joining any HYIP/MLM.Tomorrow,I will paste my research on Sefteg Nigeria Ltd and there journey so far.
by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I beg to differ with your calculations!
Much as I do not subscribe to HYIPs and the like, I cannot help but notice some problems with your calculations and ideology.
Nigerians generally need to mature to a point where they dont put their eyes on how much a comapany makes out of you, but attention should be on wether you are getting value service for your money! Companies are in existence primarily to make money so they should and make the money off you and me. Cheating us off our hard earned cash is another matter altogether... ok
Now according to your calculation the company making so much money and you think thay is the end of the story? Of course this money which you have denoted as profit is only an accumulation of funds with which to pay off other members also, you see the point? Sure they are making, but not as much as you portend.
Thank you.