Friday, August 3, 2007


This is the question we have to ask ourselves but the fact still remain that over the months they have been consistent and committed to there investors. Even though now, they pay weeks behind schedule people are still signing up into there programs .Sefteg Nigeria Company Ltd with CAC Registration number 685245(NOT REGISTERED WITH SEC) is located at Plot 1661, Oyin Jolayemi Street in Victoria Island.The slogan of this company is "Creating Wealth in Every Household" and based on my survey they have kept there words to the Nigeria People.
They have 3 types of Investment Plan :
Green Investment Plan:This investment plan is the type where you get credited 20% of your deposit monthly for a period of 2yrs after which you will forfeit your capital.
White Investment Plan:This investment plan give the investor a 70% returns every 3months for the period of 2yrs after which you stand to lose your capital.
Blue Investment Plan:This investment plan gives its investors 150% returns every 6months for the period of 2yrs and which you forfeit your capital.
Please note that your capital can't be liquidated until after one year and consequently a certain percentage will be dedected from the capital before returning it.
It's quite interesting that a few month back,Bankers were actually the ones investing in this scheme but now it's the bankers forum that's fighting against them....Have they broken even?
With the state of poverty in Nigeria where per capital GDP(nominal) stands at $770 ranking 137 in a world of 182 countries,the masses begin to believe in the wonder banks as a financial problem solver and those that don't understand how they make money call them Voodoo Fund Manager(since its beyond there comprehension).
Despite ongoing advice by government agencies,the office of Sefteg Nigeria Company Ltd is always full of people who have just made payment into there account and a few old customers with complaints.
Then one begin to ponder,if all the effort by government agency to shut down this wonder banks are falling on deaf ears or the masses want to take there chances with the wonder banks due to the present economic situation of the country.
There account in a few banks like First Bank has been closed but new ones like Skye Bank have been opened to continue there business.
This is for information purpose Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi

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