Monday, August 13, 2007


Goattale’s Wealth Builder is acclaimed to be an internet financial network using affiliate proven technologies with restriction to minors. The MLM in question doesn’t require selling or buying and no need for human interaction except when you need to call there customer care number(which most times is either switched off or unavailable).
This is a MLM that started some months back but information we gathered was that their site was down for some time and now it has been upgraded due to unanticipated amount of investors. It quite interesting that the contact number for this MLM are all mobile numbers which means they are not traceable likewise the landline number is a CDMA number. They have a lovely direct and indirect scheme whereby you earn 2,000 NGN on each person you refer directly or indirectly.
Below is an extract quoted verbatim from their site.
You refer John. This is your first referal (your 1- up referal).
You refer Musa, you get N2,000.
You refer Peter, you get N2,000.
You refer Ben, you get N2,000 again.
Musa refers Abdul, you still get N2,000.
Peter refers Harry, you get N2,000 again. Harry refers James, you get N2,000.
James refers Philip, you get N2,000 again.
You keep earning N2,000 on and on and on
Most people have complained about inability to transfer fund from their NetNaira account to bank account. . The speed at which you earn is like other MLM which is subject to how fast you can market it.
Joining Wealth Builder require you to have a Net Naira Account which used to be credited through bank transfer and interswitch(Nigerian Payment Gateway) but now you will need to purchase Net Naira Pin.
Contact their website for further details and to join the wealth builder family
ALWAYS REMEMBER: You should never refer people with your first downlink(Your 1up) so as to make money.

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