Tuesday, August 14, 2007


HYIP(High Yield Investment Program) and HYIF(High Yield Investment Fraud) are both scheme that promises members financial freedom but to what extent is it true since it has now become a real crime issue. Their high investment yield attracts aggressive investors who are willing to compromise on the risk for extra cash. This schemes source funds from the sale of non-existent investment promising risk free investment with guaranteed return in an unpredictable world.
This scheme operator’s promise unique access to trading programs which are capital intensive but by pooling funds together, thereby making it possible or claiming to have high level business contact. Details of business are sometimes not explained to an investor, which means sometimes you don’t know what your capital is involved in.
Partakers of this scheme are sometimes under secrecy undertaking, claiming to be doing international business.
Remember that caution must be taken when you are about to involve in a scheme with secret trading promising risk free or telling you that your investment is only used as collateral with guaranteed high ROI(Return On Investment). Schemes that are not licensed or offered by legitimate brokerage firms and having complicated legal looking document like non-circumvention, non-solicitation agreement, letter of intent/proof of fund because this are all sign of ERROR.
They have devised instruments like bank notes, debentures, holiday packages, foreign currency trading, letter of credit, bill of exchange, blocked fund certificate, roll programs/trading programs while in most cases this instrument are not approved by Securities and Exchange Commission, International Chambers of Commerce, Central Bank, International Monetary Fund or the World Bank.
Familiarize yourself with this scheme before investing and remember if PIPS(People in Profit System) can collapse, which ponzi cant.
Written by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi


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