Thursday, August 2, 2007


Taking it upon myself to list all the links to the Newspaper about how the dailies has helped promote the business in the wonder banks indirectly by making more people conscious of such operations.Some people believe this banks are voodoo banks but i think some are just people with great ideas but no access to capital or loans from Banks using the principle of Other Peoples Money (OPM) while most of them are scams with sole intention of ripping people off there hard earned money.Anyway,the scams wonder banks and government parastatal are making it more difficult for companies(Wonder Banks) with good intentions.I think regulatory bodies should give them rules and guidelines and see if they can compete fairly in the market.Below are links to newspaper report on Wonder Banks:

Its making new every week but watch out for my next topic : when will the bubble burst?
by Adeniyi Ade-Onojobi

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