Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The recent fall of wonder banks nationwide in Nigeria has caused many self acclaimed fund manager to start deceiving their investors about Return On Investment (ROI), of which PMI is one of them.
A visit to there office will reveal the tension their investor’s are having with the whole environment crowded with investor's clamoring for refund when they have deceived their investors for a long time that everything was in order. Anyway, all investors have been told to go and open a bank account with UNITY BANK(wonder bank acquiescent) so that they can get paid their returns but this development was not welcomed by investors which the infamous fund manager agreed to look into soonest. The major issues now are,mode of payment and delay of payment. A few military men who invested has taken laws into their own hands by taking the CEO of the company to their barrack.
It’s acclaimed that payment for those who invested in Week 4 will be concluded this week and week 5 investor's will be due by the ending of the month of October. For those investors in week 6,they should expect payment on or before November ending ,while week 7 should receive their payment before Christmas this year.
The rates have been reviewed without any concrete reason but week 4 investors aren't affected by such. Week 5 and week 6 investment which was NGN40,000/slot is now NGN30,000/slot and Week 7 and week 8 investment has also been reduced from NGN30,000/slot to NGN20,000/slot while week 9 investment is now NGN12,500.
For all those who have invested, I entreat they recover their capital and for those with intentions of investing, I wish them all the best.
….Written by Adeniyi AdeOnojobi

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