Friday, September 28, 2007


To Associates and Members,
Great News!
Increase in Members Matrix Payments
Effective immediately our compensation plan has changed to give our members higher payouts, more encouragement and the best payouts on the web.
Ok, we wont keep you in suspense, here are the new payments!
Bronze, $100
Silver, $200
Gold, $2,500
Platinum, $15,000
Yes, from this point forward these are the payments you will receive when you cycle from the relevant table.
And of course, this means that bonus payments will also increase, since they are based on a percentage of the cycle payments! For example, a 5% bonus payment for one of your referrals cycling through Platinum is now $750 (increased from $500).
Many members have asked for an increase and greater incentives to help drive their marketing and prospecting efforts. After careful consideration, planning, and lots of calculations we again are leading the way with a dynamic and rewarding business.
To make these payments feasible, we have had to change the price of membership from $160 to $190 plus a $10 processing fee. However, to make this equitable and fair to all members, and to help your prospecting and recruitment efforts, the price increase will not be implemented for 30 days. Membership cost will not increase until the 1st November 2007.
So you have a complete 32 days to use this extraordinary news to save your prospects $40, and to drive your marketing efforts substantially.
Members and Associates take advantage of this great news.
You will find some new banners and promotional material in the Members area.
Keep up the good work and we wish all our members success.

Thank you,
GetawayClub Admin

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