Monday, October 8, 2007



Due to numerous unanswered complaints, the Global Digital Currencies Association would like consumers and merchants to be aware that closes and/or freezes accounts without any court order or reasonable justification, sometimes freezing customer funds forever.
This unscrupulous policy makes E-bullion an unfavorable system for online commerce and for the safe and secure storage and transfer of funds.
We recommend that E-bullion account holders switch to a different digital currency immediately in order to avoid frozen accounts and loss of funds, such as:
· GoldMoney -
· Pecunix -
· Liberty Reserve -
· c-gold -
· PhoenixDollar -


Mark Herpel said...

Please read up on the e-bullion situation. There is no proof they have ever frozen an account and kept the money. Many people use e-bullion daily are are very happy, its questionable whether this warning from the GDCA was even accurate.
Open Letter To The GDCA Regarding e-Bullion
This is the Talkgold thread discussing the warning in detail

cardiff_giant said...

As of today the e-bullion site is down. I opened an account in May 2008 and e-bullion has yet to remove the due dilligence security block and when I call them all I get is a recorded message to call back during business hours. I can say good-bye to my 5000.00

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