Tuesday, October 16, 2007


There has been another wonder bank blow,based on reliable information.A Lagos Based Wonder Bank situated on Oyin Jolayemi Street in Victoria Island who's motto is Creating Wealth In Every Household has disappeared with Investor's Fund.We are sorry to inform our dear reader's that the office of Sefteg Nigeria Company is now closed to the public and investors.Communication with the company is only by telephone for now but it's a similar scenario like Wealth Solution,Nospecto Oil & Gas,etc.
We don’t have concrete information as to why the office is closed but based on telephone conversation with executive's of the company;information we got is that some angry investor’s went to vandalize the office due to unpaid ROI while they had submitted the payment schedule to bank but due to on going investigation into there account by EFCC and CBN, the accounts have been frozen till further notice.
Investors have not be paid returns for August till date which is a negative message and could have prompted such actions.
Updates will be posted accordingly to inform our readers….Adeniyi AdeOnojobi


Anonymous said...

is this how our Govt ll close her eye & do nothing by returning investors fund in the wonder banks.
pls dont be silent over this issue.

where is the fund?
what is CBN doing with it?
When is CBN refunding it to invests?

Anonymous said...

i cannt understand why the govt of nigeria can just freeze innocent nigeria money that they have work hard to get it, for no reason should this disgruntle act be allow to go like that i think allfellow nigeriand need to act fast to know where the money is or as it been shared by our greedy and selfish leaders

Anonymous said...

A MESSAGE TO MR PRESIDENT AND CBN GORVERNOR All Nigerians both at home and oversea need to know what the Government of Nigerian as done with the public funds they freeze from the so called wonder banks and Let the central Bank of Nigeria declared to the public what they have done to the money they freeze from the so call wonder banks like Sefteg, napesco, and others.Mr president,CBN Gorvernor pls tell the public what acually happen to all well meaning Nigeria funds that has been invested into this organisations we Nigerians need a prompt Answer because we cannt keep silence neither can we bear it any more. I have never heared it in my life even in Advance countries were people money can just go like that into the Government pocketwithout giving account of what they have done to the money.
We seek the assistance of all concerned citizens of Nigerians both at home and oversea to act fast on this matter and not allow this hard earned money of ordinary Nigerians just to go like that without any trace of what the Government of Nigeria as done with it, and fininally the Government should let us know if we are still in democracy or dictatorship Goverment because they need to put a stop to all this shameful act And return the ordinary and dying Nigerians money.

concerned Nigeria
base in the U.K