Wednesday, October 17, 2007


After a visit to Sefteg Nigeria Company office to validate my previously gathered information that the office was closed, I became aware that one of their investors stormed the office with touts last week Tuesday (9th of October 2007) and forcefully removed the LCD Television with other valuables which was followed by life threats so the office had to be shut down immediately as it has become apparent that investors can no longer stick with stories that don’t hold water.
The telephone numbers of Sefteg Nigeria Company are still working but the question now remain, which is for how long will the number be functional since it’s the only form of communication with the company thereby making it easy to abscond with investor’s funds.The Door to office has been locked up with a notice pasted at the entrance.
Sefteg Nigeria Company bank account’s is under investigation by CBN but thereby making payment of ROI impossible since the account has been frozen until all investigations are completed.
My advise to investors is to make sure they locate residence address of directors of the company so as to ensure that ROI or refunds are guaranteed since the company doesn’t have any surface address again....Olubiyi AdeOnojobi

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Anonymous said...

Why are Nigerians so greedy. I am an investor and I have made my money with interests. Why do you have to go to people's house to harass them for money like backward people. Why not wait for the outcome of the investigation. Everyone was smiling when the going was good, spending like it will continue forever. Wake up people its called a high risk venture. If you have made your money be happy and if not, hope all is resolved so you get your balance.We should know there is no where in the world where such interest can be paid.