Friday, October 19, 2007


The office of Sefteg Nigeria Company in Victoria Island,Lagos has finally opened today after it was shut for about a week due to delay in payment of returns of Investment.After discussing with one of the executives today,information gathered is that the office is opened because investor's were beginning to think they have folded up and absconded with investor's funds.I was reassured that returns will be payed after the completion of the ongoing investigation by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
The time frame in question before the resumption of payment of dividends hasn't been ascertained but investor's are obliged to be calm and be without fear.The previous experience with wonder banks in Nigeria in the not distant past,now keeps all investor's on the edge due to this 2month's delay.I clearly expressed my opinion to the executive's of this company that re-opening of there office won't change people's opinion on wonder banks but paying of returns can restore confidence in Sefteg Nigeria Company.The office is opened today but who knows if it will be opened on Monday,22nd October 2007 but till then,i keep an open mind .
..............................Adeniyi AdeOnojobi


Anonymous said...

Could you pls look into Corporeal investment ltd, the company is situated in Cocoa house Ibadan. They have stop making payments since September and i was told the Directors were arrested and has since be release.
Secondly how can an investor determine if companies giving high ROI in the short time are legal and not fraudulent

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

have really opened?

Anonymous said...

Why are Nigerians so greedy. I am an investor and I have made my money with interests. Why do you have to go to people's house to harass them for money like backward people. Why not wait for the outcome of the investigation. Everyone was smiling when the going was good, spending like it will continue forever. Wake up people its called a high risk venture. If you have made your money be happy and if not, hope all is resolved so you get your balance.We should know there is no where in the world where such interest can be paid.

Anonymous said...

You have been silence for a while now; its good to read from you again, after this while.

Please do you have any information on the present state of Sefteg? It seems nobody is talking about it any more or have people decided to cut their losses and forget about them?

Keep up the good. God bless.